Navigating all the imprint methods available can be over whelming, so we’ve taken the time to break it down by industry for you. This page focuses on custom screen printing and embroidery services for tech companies looking to outfit their staff or create custom swag. We specialize in creating retail ready products that focus on quality graphic prints and finishing services that help your company stand out from the competition and stay relevant in the eyes of your users.

Tech Companies usually use a wide variety of our services. Most of them have their own branding done in house that requires direct attention. Graphic Tees especially require specific print methods to produce the best results. Our account managers can help you decide what print methods are best for your project. Catch the eyes of users by putting your brand out there for the world to see.


When screen printing and embroidering custom apparel use brands you can trust! We specialize in products ranging from affordable standard apparel to high-end brands that are retail-ready. Our PRODUCTS PAGE has some of our more popular products, but there are more options available. If you do not see the garments you are interested in, please contact us for help! We can help you find a garment that best suites your needs.

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Take a moment and see what product is the best fit for your order. If you have any questions, feel free to CONTACT US for help. Click the button below to see some trending styles and brand catalogs on our PRODUCTS PAGE.