Method Printing – Chicago Custom Screen Printing

Method Printing is a Chicago based screen printing shop. We provide a variety of screen printing services such as plastisol, water based and discharge printing. What is screen printing? Read below to find out if screen printing is right for your next custom printed t-shirts.

Screen Print

gerund or present participle: screen-printing

force ink or metal on to (a surface) through a prepared screen of fine material so as to create a picture or pattern.

“screen-printed clothing”

Why Go With Screen Printing VS Direct To Garment Printing?

Screen printing has a longer life span and has less limitations then direct to garment printing. Direct to garment printing does have a lower minimums but due to the nature of the process it is not ideal for larger projects. If you can meet a screen printers minimum your per piece cost of each shirt will be much lower then if you went with a direct to garment vendor.

If you would like to learn more about the screen printing process view this blog article :


Getting Started Printing Custom Apparel

If you just getting started and would like to learn more the best place to start is METHOD PRINTING’S HOME PAGE. Our SERVICE PAGE breaks down all of our custom apparel printing options and our PRODUCTS PAGE has a list of some popular brands and styles used for custom apparel printing.

Method Printing - Chicago Screen Printing - 32 Bit Printed Shirt