When it comes to custom printed apparel, a super soft feel is always in high demand. Fortunately, there are couple of methods that can be used to achieve this effect. These methods include the use of water-based inks and discharge inks.

One particular type of discharge ink, tinted discharge, offers a unique advantage in that it removes the dye from the shirt and replaces it with the color of the ink. This creates a super soft feel that doesn’t require an under base, making it an excellent choice for custom t-shirts and other garments.

However, it’s important to note that not all shirts are created equal when it comes to discharge printing. For the best results, we recommend using 100% cotton garments, as blended shirts can produce mixed results.

At Method Printing, we have extensive experience working with discharge inks and other methods to create custom printed apparel that looks and feels amazing. Our team can help you choose the right printing method and garment type for your project, ensuring that you get the results you want. Contact us today to learn more about our custom screen printing services and start your project today!

Discharge Prints Styles : Natural and Tinted Discharge Prints.


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